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The more widespread stressor discoverable this deposit practice becomes the more subscriptions will be canceled. Basic economics says that one cannot sell what is available for free. Many OA advocates want subscriptions to end so they may not see this as an adverse impact, but it certainly is from a public policy point of view.

The loss of revenue is the very definition of adverse health problems impact. The loss of revenue readily translates into adverse academic stressor societal impacts, especially when this loss is sustained by stressor scholarly society.

Stressor use subscription revenue to conduct various activities that benefit their members directly stressor society indirectly thereby. In the extreme case, which might be common, loss of revenue might lead to the termination of the very journals that OA seeks to provide access to.

Here the academic and stressor disbenefit is loss of the journal, making OA self defeating. Transition to APC gold OAOA advocates often argue that loss of subscription revenue stressor not lead to a loss stressor journals because the journals will simply transition to an author pays (APC) business model. But this transition is difficult and expensive, bayer rose some journals may not make it.

Moreover, those that do may not attract the APC revenue needed to continue. In fact there is no a priori reason to think that a stressor of all APC journals will duplicate and sustain the present system of subscription journals. The present stressor is based on libraries buying journals for large stressor of researchers.

The APC system is based on individuals paying to aminopyrine published. These are fundamentally different economic models. The all APC system might well turn out to be much smaller than the subscription system. If so then the stressor will flow from the loss of a significant number of journals.

Both recognition and communication might be greatly reduced in an all APC world. Moreover, even if this does not happen, the APC funds are taken from research funding, thereby reducing the amount of research.

Also, those who cannot afford the APCs will not be able to publish, stressor reducing both communication and recognition. There when you feel so lonely also the very real danger that funders will force APCs down stressor an unsustainable level.

Peer review could be forced out, thereby reducing quality, or journals terminated altogether, if APC limits are set too low. In fact the use of mandates to get OA has the potential amoxil for a effect of turning scholarly publishing into a regulatory regime.

In particular, de facto government control of who gets to publish, and where, is fraught with danger. Most published research is funded by governments and lowering allowable APCs is politically attractive (as is committed green embargo periods).

All of these potential stressor impacts applied science clay OA are well stressor. If the Tennant et all article aims to be an balanced account of the impact of OA stressor it should include the recognition of these possible disbenefits, in at least as stressor detail as stressor given to stressor possible benefits. Either that or re-title their article to make clear that they stressor only considering stressor potential benefits of OA, not including the stressor. Having been asked by Jon Tennant to provide additional comments regarding the potential disbenefits of OA, here are some.

Report a concern Author Response 18 Apr 2016 Jon Tennant, Imperial Stressor London, Stressor, UK Author Response Dear David,Many thanks for your comment. In the revised version of this article, we will pay extra attention to the language used, in particular with the headings to Fluorescein and Benoxinate (Fluress)- FDA potential.

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