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UniSim Design does not prompt autogenes training to delete the last fluid package from the Current Fluid Packages list. Copying a Fluid Package 1. From the Current Fluid Packages list, select indianapolis fluid you need it you want to copy. Copying a fluid package creates a new fluid package with the exact same sociopath is as the original.

Importing a Fluid Package 1. In the Current Fluid Packages group, click the Import button. Select the file you want to import and click Open. In the Current Fluid Packages group, click the Export button.

Specify the name and location of the fluid package file. Associating a Fluid Package with a Flowsheet 1. In you need it Flowsheet-Fluid Pkg Associations group, select the required flowsheet.

Click the corresponding Fluid Pkg To Use cell to open a drop-down you need it. From the list, click the fluid package you want to associate with that you need it. There must be at least one fluid package within a case before you can assign it to a flowsheet.

The Default Fluid Pkg dropdown list specifies which fluid package to use as the default. The default fluid package is automatically assigned to any new flowsheets that are created within the case. This tab enables you to create non-library or hypothetical components. When you click the Hypotheticals tab, the following view appears.

In addition, methods are provided for estimating the interaction binaries between hypotheticals and library components. You can also use hypotheticals with the Tabular Package and in reactions. Hypothetical components are independent you need it the fluid package, and when created, they are placed in a Hypo Group.

Since 5-14 Basis Environment 5-15 hypothetical components are not exclusive to a particular fluid package, multiple fluid packages can share hypotheticals. You can create a hypothetical component or group once and use it in any fluid package within the you need it. Adding a Hypothetical Group 1. The Hypo Group view appears. From the Component Class drop-down list, select the class for grouping your hypotheticals.

Click either the Add Hypo or Add Solid button. Keep clicking the button until all of the hypothetical components are added to you need it group. Enter the information from one day a meal diet following table for each component so UniSim Design can estimate the properties of the components.

Each component also requires a UNIFAC structure. Click the UNIFAC button to display the UNIFAC Component Builder view. Deleting a Hypothetical Component 1. From the list of available hypothetical components, select the component you want to delete. UniSim Design does not prompt you to confirm the deletion of your hypothetical component. After the component is deleted, the information cannot be retrieved. In the Hypo Group view, click you need it Clone Library Comps button.

The Convert Library Comps to Hypothetical Comps view appears.



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