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Suggested solution: The amount value in column 1 is the balance vans dakota roche Electronic Credit Ledger at the end of the tax period(For which return period you are claiming refunds) and the amount value in column 2 is the balance in Electronic Credit Ledger at the time of filing (Current balance). The refund amount will vans dakota roche the least of the following(i) The maximum admissible vans dakota roche claim amount (as computed by the System) (ii) balance in electronic credit ledger at the end of tax period (refund applied period) and (iii) the balance of Electronic Credit Ledger available at the time of filing the refund claim.

Vans dakota roche then supporting documents will be added. Ginseng panax extract root or CGST or SGST or Taxable value of B2C- others invoice in greater than aggregate IGST or CGST or SGST or Taxable value found in GSTR-1. Suggested solution: This error will come when the taxpayer is not vans dakota roche the latest value for the tax invoice after amending the same in GSTR 1.

But, those invoices are not available in the GSTR-1 and hence this is not eligible for refunds under B2C-Large Invoices. It will take you to the new page and it will give ARN, ARN Date, Reason of Refund, Action. Select the ARN from the list, Click on the Hyper link given on the ARN. Please contact your jurisdiction tax officer with respective documents to file an appeal against your refund application. Note: You are informed that the refund order option is not yet available on the GST portal while filing the appeal against refund application.

If you have got the manual Demand Order, there is also a provision of getting system generated Demand Order Number through which appeal can be filed. You are requested to contact your Jurisdictional officer for further details. Suggested solution: The order number entered by you should be correct and should match with the order received from Assessment Officer.

Suggested solution: The order number entered by you should be correct and should match with the order received from officer (Applicable for all types of orders)7. When user opens the DRC-03 application vans dakota roche internet explorer browserSuggested solution: You are advised that this application is more compatible with Google chrome browser and requested vans dakota roche use Google chrome browser.

For further assistance, please feel free to contact us at GST helpdesk number 1800-103-4786 or visit Grievance Redressal7. Then again go back to application, try issuing with DSC. Note: If you are not getting the advanced link after running above URL, restart your emsigner. If error persists quote error number UC-UFAS1025-UC9020 when you contact customer care for quick resolution. If you still face any issue, kindly attach screenshots b co errors and raise a new ticket.

For issues with saved application or draft of DRC03, please use the below feature vans dakota roche delete:Delete button is newly enabled for DRC-03(voluntary payment) saved application.

If saved application has not been deleted after 15 days or if there is any issue with saved draft due to vans dakota roche you are not able to Diptheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Adsorbed and Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine (K the saved application, request you to delete the vans dakota roche application and proceed for creation of new application and submission.

For issues where payment is madebut unable to submit DRC03 application, please follow below steps:1. If you have saved the draft application and if there is any issue with saved application, request you to delete the saved application first. Please note down the PRN(for which application has not been submitted and ARN is not generated), payment details and tax period before proceeding to file the application. Request you to click on link.

On click of the link, payment details will be displayed in green bar Request you to fill in payment details as per message displayed and noted in point 2. After filling up all mandatory details, proceed to file the application with DSC or EVC. Note: If you do not have the saved application, please follow from step 2.

For further assistance, please feel free to contact us at GST helpdesk number 1800-103-4786 or visit Grievance Redressalsir, in gstr1 i am unable to feed or enter bill wise details and also cash entry.

Law Articles News Judiciary Notifications CCI Notifications PPF Notifications Insolvency Law RERA. Registration Registration Issue No. Updating Jurisdiction in application. Access denied at the time of login. Suggested solution: You are advised to check your registration status, without login, in the Search taxpayer bar.

This warning will not come if same person is registering vans dakota roche more than one capacity.



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