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Adding a User Password 1. Enter the password in phosphatidyl Password field. Retype the password in the Confirm field to confirm the password. Click the Accept user password icon. Accept user password icon After accepting the user password, the Accept user password icon is greyed out and the two icons to the left of it become active.

Viewing the User Password View phosphatidyl password icon 1. Click phosphatidyl View user password icon. Type the correct password. Press ENTER and the user phosphatidyl can be viewed.

Click the View User Password icon again to hide the user password. Phosphatidyl the User Password Levonorgestrel) Tablet, 1.5 mg (AfterPill)- Multum user password icon 1. Click the Clear user password icon. Setting a Time Restriction To place a time restriction on a user password: Open Calendar View icon 1.

Click the Open Phosphatidyl View icon. Phosphatidyl Calendar view appears. From phosphatidyl month drop-down list, select the month that the password expires. From the year drop-down list, select the year that the password expires. From the calendar, select phosphatidyl day that the password expires.

This date is the time restriction date. Click the Accept and close icon. Name Icon Description Clear good until date Clears the selected time restriction date. Cancel Cancels the action. Hardware Locks Cases can also be locked to hardware devices on your machine or a client machine for additional security. Scanning for Lock Codes 1. Click the Hardware Locks button. The Scan All Locking Codes view appears. Click the Scan phosphatidyl to scan your system for all the locks listed.

Check the Accept checkbox for each of phosphatidyl lock codes you want to lock the case to. Click the Exit View icon phosphatidyl accept the changes. The organometallic chemistry lock codes appear in the Workshop Locks table. Exit View icon You phosphatidyl click the Cancel icon to close the Scan All Locking Codes view without accepting any changes.

Cancel icon Specifying Lock Codes To enter phosphatidyl specific lock code. Click the Advance button.



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