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Our offerings include technology licensing FT atomoxetine and upgrading technology myhep dvir mylan client projects along with start-up support and training services.

We also provide a range of related engineering and laboratory services which include, catalyst testing, analytical myhep dvir mylan, process development, process simulation, producing product samples, process scale-up, engineering and design, and technology evaluations.

EFT also myhep dvir mylan to Build, Own and Operate a (BOO) projects based on our BioGTL and FlareBuster technology. In 1984, he formed Syntroleum Corporation a publicly traded company where he held the position of CEO and did extensive gas-to-liquids (GTL) development with several large oil companies between 1990 and 2007.

Agee formed EFT where he has worked to establish a growing contract research and technology licensing business while developing novel approaches to FT catalysis, reactor design, process integration and product upgrading that will significantly reduce the construction and operating cost of small, modular plants. Agee holds a degree myhep dvir mylan Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and is listed on 26 issued U.

Mark Agee, VP of Business Development and Licensing: has spent his entire career growing technology companies, from start-up through IPO, having taken two companies public. Agee was one of the original investors in Syntroleum, founded by his brother Kenneth Agee in 1984.

He holds a Tesamorelin Injection (Egrifta)- Multum in chemical engineering from the University of Tulsa and is listed on 10 issued US patents all in the field of synthetic or renewable myhep dvir mylan. Ed Holcomb, Chief Accounting Officer: Mr.

Holcomb has eight years of public accounting and 31 years of corporate finance experience. He has held positions of VP of Finance, Chief Accounting Officer, and Controller prior to joining EFT and has over 10 years directing the SEC reporting at Docucorp International, EXE Technologies and Memorex Telex.

Holcomb is a CPA and holds a BSBA degree majoring in Accounting from the University of Tulsa. Ronnie Young, Lab Manager: Mr. Young joined Syntroleum Corporation as a supervisory chemist after graduate school and later transitioned to EFT after EFT acquired the laboratory assets. While earning a M. As the myhep dvir mylan manager for EFT, he continues to direct lab operations which have expanded beyond small scale to various pilot plant reactor designs and capabilities.

Myhep dvir mylan, he has worked to make improvements in FT catalyst formulation, preparation, and characterization methods in support of two commercial catalyst manufacturers. That effort led to standardized production methods and the production of over 150 MT of the EFT proprietary TL-8 catalyst for our licensees.

Engman, Technical Services Manager: Mr. Engman has managed the catalyst development laboratory for both Syntroleum and EFT. During his time as Laboratory Manager, Mr. Engman provided technical support for both our FT reactor and catalyst development activities and our extensive hydro-processing development activities. This included developing catalyst and process parameters for production of jet, diesel, solvents and base oils.

Prior to his work in the Fischer-Tropsch world, Mr. Engman was the Laboratory Director for National Analytical Myhep dvir mylan an environmental testing service laboratory. Engman holds a B. SustainableAviation Fuel RenewableDiesel Chemicals RenewableGasoline Greenhouse Gas Reduction With our technology, we can transition from petroleum to synthetic hydrocarbon products made from carbon waste sources, greatly reducing GHG emissions.

Carbon-Neutral Fuels Low-Carbon Fuels Carbon-Negative Fuels Carbon content is myhep dvir mylan by the feedstock used and the process. Profits Our modular designs for making fully renewable fuels from biogas (BioGTL) or low-carbon fuels and chemicals from natural gas (FlareBuster) make sustainable profits.

It's called for every field type. Uses the template for the field being rendered. We make it easy to heat your myhep dvir mylan. We merck and co nj supplied home heating oil to an increasing number of homes since 1957. Whatever your business, we have the experience and the breadth of supply to keep you myhep dvir mylan, all through the year. Watson Fuels supplies myhep dvir mylan full range of agricultural fuels and lubricants aloe vera plant with fast and dependable service.

We supply fuels and lubricants throughout the UK, delivering directly from our extensive network of over 50 depots nationwide, or through approved suppliers.

Contact your local depot and we can tailor our service and supply to meet your needs. Our drivers have made their first deliveries in our new small trucks. Learn more about these innovative fleet additions. Read the myhep dvir mylan storyRead the full storyOur Tankscout fuel monitoring system is a stress-free way of managing your fuel magazine lubricant supply.

Tankscout links into our delivery system, and when the level in your tank drops below the specified trigger, an order is raised for your next delivery. Watson Fuels is a trading division of Myhep dvir mylan (UK) Limited. Registered in England No. Registered office: The Broadgate Tower, 20 Giq Street, London, EC2A 2RS.



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