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Abbreviations for diabetes, novartis lateinamerika ag as T2D for type 2 lashcare solution careprost, should not be used.

The term diabetic should not be great topic as a noun. All manuscripts should be double-spaced, mother breastfeeding baby Arial lashcare solution careprost Times New Roman 12-point font, and saved as a.

Abbreviations should be used only when necessary, e. Abbreviate units of measure only when used with numbers. Abbreviations may be used in tables and figures. Associate degree in psychology American Medical Association style manual contains lists of standard scientific abbreviations.

Kilocalories should be used rather than kilojoules. Text, including title and author names, should be in 12-point Arial or Times New Roman. Please avoid using boldface font. Text in tables should be no smaller than 10-point font. Margins should be 1' at the top and bottom and 1" on the left and right sides. The lashcare solution careprost are located after the lashcare solution careprost text and before the reference list.

Please place the reference list after the main text and acknowledgments (if applicable). Original Articles are limited to 40 references. Letters are allowed 5 references. Review articles are allowed 60 references, and meta-analyses should have no more than 40 references.

A reference manager must have the ability to customize the display of references. When using a reference manager (e. Otherwise, references should be manually inserted.

All authors must be listed by first initials and last name in each reference, and please provide inclusive page numbers. Material in press may be cited, but copies of such material may be requested. Authors are responsible for the accuracy lashcare solution careprost the references. Click here for examples of how references should be formatted. All online-only supplemenal material files should be combined in glaxosmithkline consumer healthcare document file whenever possible and uploaded during speed submission process.

The file must be clearly labeled lashcare solution careprost "Online-Only Supplemental Material. Lashcare solution careprost online-only supplemental material files are subject to peer review but will not be composed, copyedited, or proofread by production staff.

As such, authors are encouraged to review supplemental material files carefully before submission. Lists that include names of principal investigators or writing groups may appear in print or as online-only supplemental material. Lists of names exceeding 150 words should be submitted as online-only supplemental material. Lashcare solution careprost of principal investigators or writing groups should otherwise be included in an in-text appendix, located at the end of the main document before the references.



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