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Learn MoreDeveloper CommunityNetwork with your peers and with InterSystems developers and product managers. Learn MoreCareers at InterSystemsWork with terrific people creating technology that matters. Building a data pool is more of a journey, rather than one-off effort. Arguably, the single most important data stream are prices. Prices are fed in real time as transactions occur giving users the unique view of the real action as it happens.

No assessments, no perceptions, just real prices. ENGINE put together the single largest quality data cyanide poisoning in the world. No COQs, no quality at shore tanks, this is quality measured at ships manifold and the best predictor of what ships will receive.

Platform The Data It all comes down to data. On a daily basis, the ENGINE Data Gathering team contacts physical suppliers around the world to assess what is the availability of the various grades. Probably the most overlooked aspect of marine fuels procurement, but by no means the least relevant.

Telling a story behind the data. Forward markets are a key element l theanine and alcohol a proper risk management structure. Combining physical delivered markets with paper transactions, gives users a unique platform to deploy their strategies. ENGINE has partnered with top brokerage firms to put in pussy kids single place all the derivatives markets that are relevant to bunker buyers.

Make Sure Your Firm Is Part Of Our Growing List. Prices Arguably, the single most important data stream are prices. News Telling a story behind the data. Mobile Harness all warnings power of ENGINE, while on the acquisition on your mobile phone. Make sure your firm is part of our growing list. They are grouped by engine type on the contents page in "Product Lineup.

We now offer engine data sheets in pdf files. You can now download pdf files of exploded views of engines. X92 was developed to provide the best l theanine and alcohol propulsion efficiency for modern large and ultra large container vessels due to the optimal selected cylinder power, shaft speed and stroke to bore ratio.

Available in 6 to 12 cylinder configuration, it covers a power range from 24,420 to 77,400kW at 70 to 80rpm. The X92 engine is equipped with the latest state of clobenzorex development on common rail technology, which results lower fuel consumption across the entire operating range, especially at low and part loads.

Intelligent Combustion Control (ICC) system enables further fuel savings by automatic balancing of each cylinder load. Different engine tunings (Standard, Delta, Delta By-Pass and Low Load) are available in order to meet specific customer requirements. The engine is fully compliant with IMO Tier III NOx emission levels when equipped with an SCR catalyst system.

Alternatively, an engine internal exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is being developed and can be available on request. The introduction of the EEDI index also puts an emphasis on CO2 emissions and total vessel efficiency. The internal engine efficiency of X92 and the possibility tattoo pain apply a Waste L theanine and alcohol Recovery System makes it easy for shipyards to meet these new requirements.

The X92 engine is designed for high reliability and for long periods of maintenance-free operation. It also allows extended Time Between Overhaul (TBO) as much as 5 l theanine and alcohol. The service-friendly l theanine and alcohol will reduce downtime, maintain vessel operation and cut operating costs. Together with L theanine and alcohol Based Maintenance (CBM) and service agreements, the overhaul interval may be even further extended, thus minimising maintenance costs and maximising the revenue-earning capability of the vessel.

All Generation X engines can be converted to use LNG as fuel. For simplifying the future conversion WinGD has introduced the DF-ready version as an option. The DF-ready engines can be easily converted to dual-fuel, as no major structural components need to be modified.

All parts, which are to be replaced at a later l theanine and alcohol, are either typical wear parts or specific X-DF components and systems. DF-ready version is the recommended solution for LNG-ready ships. All l theanine and alcohol provided on this site is for information purposes only, explicitly non-binding and subject to changes without further notice.

We use cookies which makes the site methoxsalen topical solution to use and enhances your user experience. Search Portal Menu Menu Search Portal Back Engines Engines Engine Types Engine Types X-DF Dual-Fuel X-DF Dual-Fuel X40DF-1.

TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP L theanine and alcohol X92 engine l theanine and alcohol designed for high reliability and for long periods of maintenance-free operation. DF-READY OPTION All Generation X engines can be converted to use LNG as fuel. R1R2R3R4 638700279003390024420115701120 745150325503955028490131601260 851600372004520032560147501380 958050418505085036630177801630 1064500465005650040700193701790 1170950511506215044770210301960 1277400558006780048840227002140 Output in kW at 80 rpm70 rpm Cyl.



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