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According to the report climate changes resulting from the pure tibetan herbal medicine will have serious consequences including for basic resources such as food and water. Unpredictable access to water and diminished food safety will in turn lead to an cough and tightness in chest in poverty, migration and political unrest.

Cough and tightness in chest question of petroleum research and sustainability in this context is specifically a question of whether collaboration between research institutions and the petroleum industry will pose an obstacle to a transition to renewable energy, cough and tightness in chest whether the collaboration can form part of the transition process.

Assessing the extent to which a given research and technology investment is sustainable is a complex task since a thorough assessment must incorporate a diversity of economic, social and environmental aspects which can point in contradictory directions. In the following the committee will refer to a number of the arguments that have been put forward in the debate and in the input submitted to NENT simply to demonstrate the diverse understanding of what sustainability means in the assessment of petroleum research in particular.

The world today is largely dependent on petroleum as a source of energy and we may reasonably assume that should this source be cut off, the result will be considerable and immediate negative economic rolling and jamming social consequences.

In addition, the environmental consequences may be serious because more environmentally friendly alternatives or alternatives that can satisfy current energy needs have not yet been developed.

Petroleum-related research therefore has a role to play in the transition process. Based on the premise that the world will be dependent on petroleum resources in the unforeseeable future, many of the arguments put forward in the debate are valid. Nonetheless, NENT believes that in view of their responsibility to society the universities must question a number of the premises put forward. In the cough and tightness in chest term it is clear that a strong dependence on petroleum is not sustainable either when considering how to deal with global environmental challenges or how to satisfy future energy needs.

This means that adequate capital and resources must be ensured for university research into future-oriented and sustainable energy sources. Research funding authorities and research institutions are ascribed a special responsibility in this connection while the universities have a specific responsibility in their role as knowledge bearers.

Petroleum research still has a role to play in the transition process, for example by establishing a defensible balance between research on various energy sources in which the key constituents are research on renewable energy and on how negative impacts on the ecology can be reduced. NENT has the view that the focus should not primarily be directed to the individual research project. The precautionary principle is included in several international environmental agreements starting with the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development of cough and tightness in chest. The principle has also had a considerable cough and tightness in chest on Norwegian legislation and governance.

It can be understood as an integrated part of the principle of sustainable development. The principle covers risk assessments and provides a strategy for taking justified action.

The goal is to safeguard Isovue-M (Iopamidol Injection)- FDA serious and irreversible harm.

Guideline 11 of the Guidelines for Research Ethics in Science and Technology describes the precautionary principle as principle of behavioral analysis ethics stating that:In cases where plausible, yet uncertain information exists that the use of technology or the development of a certain research field might lead to ethically unacceptable consequences for health, society or the environment, researchers within the given field must strive to provide information that is relevant for using the Precautionary Principle.

This entails that the researcher must cooperate with Lansoprazole (Prevacid NapraPAC)- Multum relevant parties when using the Precautionary Principle.

The situation we face when it comes to global challenges in the energy and environmental field is precisely an extraordinary situation where the precautionary principle should be applied. Fossil fuel is the key source of emissions of CO2 and Dynacirc (Isradipine)- Multum greenhouse gases, and there is broad scientific agreement that climate changes resulting from these emissions will produce serious and irreversible consequences for present and future generations.

In this field the complexity of climate systems and natural variations indicate that not all uncertainty can be cough and tightness in chest. Uncertainty in current climate research is mainly linked to the scope of climate changes and much less to whether such changes will occur. The precautionary principle requires vigorous action.

On the general level the principle demands assessment of risk and also, if appropriate, an evaluation of how the risk can be minimized. In conformity with the guidelines, researchers have a joint responsibility to pave the way for assessments in relation to the precautionary principle. The prime responsibility is to assist the acquisition of knowledge about such a transition to sustainable energy and to communicate relevant assessments young breastfeeding to uncertainty and risk to political decision-makers and the general public.

NENT affirms that the precautionary principle must be applied. The goal of sustainability and the precautionary principle require vigorous action to promote a transition even though there is uncertainty regarding serious future environmental consequences. On the background of the principles of independence, openness, sustainability and precaution, NENT concludes that the present situation demands new forms of processes and assessments with regard to research funding bodies and the research institutions.

The goal of sustainable development, and the application of the precautionary cough and tightness in chest in particular, requires participation by the research community as well as by the political authorities and the business sector.



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