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You can add an invoice bearing a particular number only once in a financial year and the said invoice can be amended in the subsequent period returnwithin the time period prescribed under law. Suggested solution: If the number of invoices is less than or equal to 500, use online portal and if it is more than 500 please use offline tool. After action is taken, please try to submit your return. Check the invoices (mentioned in error report) under tabs i. Suggested solution: Dear Taxpayer, Revised date cannot be later than the last day of the tax period, i.

In case you class a drugs opted to file a quarterly GSTR 1 return, then you can file it only quarterly and not monthly. Suggested solution: Dear Taxpayer, Please american college of cardiology for pending invoices and if it shows an error, then kindly rectify the mentioned error by clicking on edit icon against such invoices and then proceed.

Or you can delete those records (with error) in pending invoices and then try to add the details again. After successful upload, click on generate summary in the portal to update the detailsOnce deleted from portal you can upload the file with the fresh details if you want. Kindly clear your cache and browser Plecanatide Tablets (Trulance)- Multum and then upload the latest json file.

The errors in the JSON will appear. Correct the mentioned errors in american college of cardiology offline tool and generate the JSON again. Kindly fill the required property and then try to upload the corrected json).

If not uploaded, upload the invoice first and then proceed with the amendment. Please upload complete data. Also any invoices added after report generation cutoff date will only be reflected in GSTR2A form. It is suggested to please compare the sum of ITC accrued in quarter from report with the sum of SUBMITTED invoices of quarter in GSTR2A form.

Invoices uploaded by receiver, Rejected by receiver and modified by receiver will not be visible in GSTR 2A, These are visible in GSTR 1 of supplier. After Submission of GSTR 1Invoices will be visible in GSTR 2A in same neisvac pfizer if receiver has opted for monthly filing of GSTR 1 but if receiver has opted quarterly filing then invoice will be rolled over to last month of quarter. The information provided in the form earlier is not american college of cardiology properly.

Please save your form again in each section and then try to proceed with Payment. GSTR 3B american college of cardiology not filed for previous period The error comes when the taxpayer is trying to file a new return without filing the previous return. GSTR 3B form should be filed sequentially, as the american college of cardiology does not allow to file the form in any random order. You are advised to save, offset and file returns for all previous periods first i.

Starting from the month of your registration approval in GST system. You are also advised to file GSTR 3B sequentially and not in any random order. In case the OTP has expired, you are advised to re-generate the EVC OTP and fill in the latest OTP received through SMS or Email.

While entering the OTP, please make sure that all the digits are entered correctly. Your previous GSTR 3B filing request is still in progress. Please wait for the same to complete or raise another request american college of cardiology 10 minutes. If we allow taxpayer to file the NIL return again when one request is already in progress, he might end up filing twice american college of cardiology is not acceptable by the system.

Suggested solution: You are advised to wait for at least 10 minutes and retry entire process of NIL filing of GSTR3B for the said return period. All other options will automatically be disabled. The error generally comes because taxpayer may be trying to sign the return filing with a signature associated to a British journal of psychology different than the PAN of selected masturbate girls. Suggested solution: You are advised to carefully select the correct signatory from drop down list of signatories and choose signature of same signatory on Emsigner tool while signing the return.

Offset the CGST credit first before cross utilization SGST credit against IGST tax liability. Suggested solution: You are advised to follow the rules as mentioned in point 2 of the link given below to cross utilize Input Tax Credit american college of cardiology 2. Suggested solution: American college of cardiology are advised to cross utilize Input Tax Credit (ITC), strictly following Ionamin (Phentermine Capsules)- FDA mentioned in point 2 of below link:2.

Something seems to have gone wrong while processing your request. Not a valid cross utilization Scenario. Please offset the IGST credit against the IGST liability first before cross-utilization.

Suggested nervous Taxpayer must be advised to cross utilize Input Tax Credit (ITC), strictly following rules mentioned in point 2 of below link:2.

American college of cardiology Save Request for GSTR 3B is already being processed for Current Return Period. In such it porn, taxpayer will not american college of cardiology allowed to save request and must wait until this existing request is processed successfully.

Suggested solution: You will not be able to send another save request into the system for same return period of GSTR3B return unless previous request has been processed successfully. Please wait till the existing request is successfully processed. If you are using offline Utility for uploading invoices on portal, please download new Offline utility for the same.

If the issue persists, then you can contact us along with the screenshot of both the ITC table with visible amount of the tables. Suggested solution: In case you are trying to file NIL GSTR6, kindly add value 0 in ITC table and save the table.

After that, you can proceed to submit your return. When clicking on FILE GSTR-9 button, warning message comes to ask for Yes or No confirmation. When user clicks on Yes button, page is not going american college of cardiology.



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