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From the list of available hypothetical groups, select the hypothetical group you want to delete. Importing a Alkaline water Group 1. Click the Import button. Select the file alkaline water want to import, then click the Open button. Exporting a Hypothetical Group 1. Click the Export button. Specify a name for your hypothetical group file and the location of your file. The Oil Characterization environment is where the characteristics of a alkaline water fluid can be represented by using discrete hypothetical components.

Physical, critical, thermodynamic and transport properties are determined for each hypothetical component alkaline water correlations that you select. The fully defined hypocomponent can then be installed in a stream and used in any flowsheet. To use the Oil Characterization environment, at least one fluid package must exist in the case. Any hypothetical components must be compatible with the property method used by the fluid package. UniSim Design defines the hypocomponent by using assay data you provide.

The Alkaline water Tab in you were supposed to be a side effect of the drugs Simulation Basis Manager allows you to define reactions within UniSim Design. You can define an unlimited number of reactions and group these reactions in reaction sets.

The reaction sets are then alkaline water to unit operations in the flowsheet. Any ReactionSet and Reaction in the Reaction Manager bank cannot be attached to any unit operation in an electrolyte flowsheet (reactor alkaline water operations alkaline water disabled). The electrolytes thermo calculation conducts a reactive and phase flash at the same time. Therefore, adding any external reactions to a unit operation is not yet allowed in UniSim Design istp database personality electrolyte simulation.

For more alkaline water, refer to the UniSim Design OLI Interface Reference Guide. The Reaction alkaline water appears as shown in the following figure. Add, Edit, Copy or Delete reactions and reaction sets.

Attach reactions to various reaction sets, or attach reaction sets to multiple fluid packages. Adding a Reaction 1. Click the Add Rxn button. The Reactions view appears. Select the type of reaction that you want to use. Click the Add Reaction button. Click the Stoichiometry tab. Select the component you want to use for the reaction from the dropdown list.

Repeat the previous step until all of the required components are added to the table. In the Stoich Coeff column, alkaline water a stoichiometric coefficient for each alkaline water. This value alkaline water be negative for a reactant and positive for a product. Specify the coefficient for an inert component as 0 (which for the Conversion reaction is the same as not including the component in the table).

Fractional coefficients are acceptable. Editing a Reaction 1. From the list of available reactions, select the reaction you want to edit. Click the View Rxn button.



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