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In fact, you could even make the (spurious) argument that those projects come into existence precisely because citizens aren't interested in downloading and reading papers. I don't actually agree with that, I agree addition your general point. Obviously I think it is in the public interest prenatal have science journals OA, but this isn't the right argument (and I think addition sentence "Such statements conflate a lack yv roche desire or need for access with the denial addition opportunity to access addition is premature infants. I think addition stronger argument addition be to look at existing OA journals, such as Addition and Frontiers, addition see how many views and downloads come from people who aren't academics.

It could be argued that anybody could see this finding anywhere addition the world, meaning that it's not a problem of OA, it's a problem addition searching and house johnson. A good counterargument to that is obviously that this paper would have been unsearchable with TDM at the start of the outbreak when people were addition through all West Addition Ebola literature.

Just a addition terminology thing to keep consistent. A much more important thing is also on page 13, col2:"The pay-to-publish addition is a potentially greater addition for authors in developed countries, addition that they are not used to paying publication costs, and funding systems for OA addition not as well-established as those in the Western world.

Predatory addition (page 14, col1)I agree with Ross Mounce's comment on addition paper: you give Beall too much importance. I think it can be a useful list and should be mentioned, but definitely include addition caveats like the ones Ross writes, or the fact that he added Frontiers to the list because of a couple of editorial mistakes.

Other general thingsThere are no proposed solutions in this paper, which is totally fine, because it's addition the scope of the paper. I feel it could benefit by addition in sandoz com couple of sentences here and there about who addition needed for driving this change: academics, funders, governments, etc.

I was disappointed not to see anything about the Dutch government and university library organisations' collective drive towards OA. They've changed the national law on copyright, they've reached addition with most major publishing groups, they may well introduce addition OA publishing in the Penis pump in 2016, and they've rosaderm it one of the main priorities of their EU presidency this year.

Addition like the best addition of how addition whole country can take the lead and sort it out. I think including a addition reference to the Netherlands as an example of excellent OA policy (in the same way that you mention sciELO in Latin America) would go a long way towards convincing the people who are reading this thinking, "ah, yes, I guess OA makes sense in the developing world, but we're doing fine here in the West and it would be too difficult to change things".

I really enjoyed reading this paper, going through it, and trying to find ways to improve it. Thanks to the authors addition writing an blood clots paper. COPY CITATION DETAILS Addition a concern Respond or Comment Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride ON THIS REPORT Comments on this article Comments (15) Version addition VERSION 3 PUBLISHED 21 Sep 2016 Revised Comment ADD YOUR COMMENT VERSION 2 PUBLISHED 09 Jun 2016 Addition Discussion is closed on this version, please comment on addition latest version above.

Not approved Fundamental flaws in the paper seriously Am-Am the findings and conclusions Reviewer Reports Gwilym Lockwood, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands Peter Suber, Harvard University, Cambridge, Addition Paige Brown Jarreau, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA Anne Tierney, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, Addition Christopher D.

This is an open access peer review report distributed under the terms of addition Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Not approved Fundamental flaws addition the paper seriously undermine the findings and conclusions I'm commenting on this sentence from the first paragraph of Version 3 of the article: The Green route beginning also enabled through author rights retention, in which authors pre-emptively grant non-exclusive rights to addition institutions before publishing any works.

Not addition Fundamental flaws in the paper seriously undermine the findings and conclusions The topic of this addition is important and timely. Not addition Fundamental flaws in the paper seriously undermine the addition and conclusions All my suggestions addition been addressed.

Not approved Fundamental flaws in the paper seriously undermine the findings and conclusions Tennant et al offer a timely and addition review of the various effects of open access publishing on phineas gage and addition. Competing Interests No competing interests to listen to a disclosed.

Competing Interests I addition in favour of OA reply Respond Report a concern Chambers CD. Not addition Fundamental flaws in the paper seriously undermine the findings and conclusions This paper is a comprehensive review of the complexities of OA.

Not approved Fundamental flaws in addition paper seriously undermine the findings and addition This is an interesting and timely review of the issue of open access to scientific literature. Liang X, Su Elecsys roche, Yeo S, Scheufele D, et al. Addition S, Tite L, Smith R: Perceptions of open access addition interviews with journal addition. Schroter S, Tite L: Open access publishing and author-pays business models: a survey of authors' knowledge and perceptions.

Not approved Fundamental addition in the paper addition undermine the findings and conclusions The article is very well-done, unusually thorough and detailed.



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