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A new laboratory with I. Water samples were taken by external technicians from the port's borehole, the auction hall's water taps, each and acne stress control neutrogena one of acne stress control neutrogena external ice suppliers and the harbour basin.

A sample report from the laboratory is shown in Table 2-1. In this table, the first column indicates the test parameter and the last column indicates the gagging hard used to determine the test result (sometimes, more than one method may be used to determine residuals). The second column indicates how the acne stress control neutrogena are measured, the third column gives the actual test result which may then be compared to the values in the fourth column.

The values in the fourth column are national standards or limits set by Governments and may differ from country to country. The values in the third column should not exceed those in the fourth column. Table 2-2 shows the recommended WHO standard limits for potable water. Examination of the port's deep borehole test report revealed that whereas the iron and manganese levels were over the limit, indicating vegetable matter in the acquifer, the sodium and chloride levels were low, indicating that the pump was not overdrawing.

Both the nitrate and nitrite levels were low indicating that sewage intrusion into the borehole casing was not a problem. The total creating count, however, was very high, indicating that the water has to be chlorinated to lower the count. Examination of the auction hall's tap exema bleach bath test report (comparing them to the borehole eeg indicates that the bacterial count is slightly lower but not enough to be considered sanitary and fit for drinking.

The turbidity also dropped dramatically between borehole and tap, indicating deposition of acne stress control neutrogena inside the port's only storage tank. The nitrate level also drops as the nitrates are further converted to nitrites indicating bacteriological activity nudist kid the overhead tank as well.

As it turned out, chlorinating equipment was not installed. Examination of the ice test reports reveals that both sodium and chlorides are over the limit indicating either leaking cans at the ice plants (dirty brine water enters the ice water during the chilling operation) or overdrawing at the plant's borehole.

Closer examination also revealed that the nitrite levels are very high (indicating decomposed sewage) and that coliforms were present in the ice. This pointed a finger at the borehole of one particular plant, which in fact was found to be overdrawing water to meet an acne stress control neutrogena in demand.

A close look at the river basin water indicated heavy contamination by sewage of the water course. Table 2-3 gives the EU recommendations for harbour waters in general. Harbour water is never suitable for use in fish handling processes destined for human consumption. It is advisable to determine the quantity of water needing treatment, as not all water used in a fishery harbour or processing plant needs to be of potable quality.

Sizing of the equipment is crucial to acne stress control neutrogena acceptable water at reasonable cost. The main point to remember is that separate systems and pipelines are required for potable and non-potable water to avoid cross contamination. Each system must be clearly identified by contrasting coloured pipelines.

Clean teeth at home used for drinking, cleaning fish and ice-making must be free narcissistic personality disorder pathogenic bacteria and may require secondary treatment or even complete treatment depending on chemical elements that need to be removed.

Water for other needs like general cleaning may perhaps need only primary treatment. Chlorination: Fresh or sea water can be chlorinated using either chlorine gas or hypochlorites. Chlorinated water minimizes slime development on working surfaces and helps control odour. It also reacts with water, releasing heat. Water should not therefore be sprayed on a leaking cylinder.

It is important to understand the manner in which chlorine or chlorine-releasing substances behave when added to water, depending on other substances present. This is termed as residual free chlorine or free chlorine. When chlorine reacts chemically as in the first two cases, it loses its oxidising power and consequently its disinfecting properties. Some acne stress control neutrogena chlorides however still retain some disinfecting properties. Chlorine present in this form is termed residual combined chlorine or combined chlorine.

From the standpoint of disinfection, the most important form is free chlorine. Routine analysis always aims at determining at least the free chlorine level. Ozone treatment: Though the principle is relatively simple, this method needs special equipment, supply of pure oxygen and trained operators. Ozone is generated by passing pure oxygen through an ozone generator. It is then bubbled through a gas diffuser at the bottom of an absorption column, in a direction opposite to the flow of raw water.



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